1. History and development

SANCOPACK are owned by SAO NAM Ltd., who founded since 2000 with the desire to support the import and export enterprises of Vietnam easy access to world markets effectively by providing services international transport and logistics optimization as well as product support packaging protects goods most efficient.

After more than 20 years of operation, we found that the proportion of damaged and broken export products of Vietnam is quite high, especially in agriculture, forestry and fishery products. Though a strong but export agricultural products, forestry and fisheries exports Vietnam was rated very low in value due to loss ratio and lower shipping in high quality, sometimes up to 25%.

This problem is partly due to the method we use packaging to protect and preserve them backward. Currently, SANCOPACK already possesses a team of knowledgeable and experienced in the field of import, export and packaging protects goods hopes to bring the best solutions for the enterprise working in Vietnam in packaging to preserve and protect the goods from that enhance the image and values ​​of the Vietnam international market.


2. Scope of Activities

Originating from the needs of customers, SANCOPACK currently focused on providing services and products on the market the following:

Product support packaging products such as: desiccant, gas insert pockets, belt line clear, film preservation of flowers, vegetables, fruits, food preservatives, temperature recording device in the transportation ...

Packaging services protect goods: baled timber, pallet timber, lashing, dunnage, lashing, shrink wrapping and rust ...

3. Mission

Constantly explore and upgrade the services and products that we offer to give customers peace of mind and comfortable to entrust responsibility to protect the shipment packaging is important to us.

4. Vision

Construction SANCOPACK become one of the business-friendly environment and modern for all employees can maximize the capacity and experience to bring our customers the best services and products with the most reasonable cost.

5. Core Values

Understanding the customer's needs.

Always learn from and share knowledge about their field are active.

Sharing experiences.

Respect for the truth.

6. SANCOPACK Honored To Achieve ISO 9001: 2015 / ISO 9001: 2015 Certification


7. Commitments

Sancopack committed 100% refund if the products and services that we offer no guarantee of quality as the original commitment.

Sancopack strategic partner for Vietnamese enterprises now!


HOTLINE: 0908105115

Email: info@sancopack.com.vn