Activated Clay Bag (Humi Dryer)

Activated Clay Bag (Humi Dryer) is environment friendly solution to absorb humidity during transit.

Activated Clay Bag (Humi Dryer)

Humi Dryer Bag removes moisture from the air with non-toxic natural clay desiccant mixed with a small amount of Calcium Chloride. This desiccant clay will absorb up to 80% of its own weight, keeping your cargo safe for more than 35 days. 

Product Types available:

Humi Dryer Bag (HDB) 500gm and 2kg.
Humi Dryer (HD) 1 and 1.5kg (hanging strip with non dusting Tyvek packing material)
Custom single sachet packing availble for sizes 150gm to 300gm.


HDB 500gm- 30 bags per carton, 2 kg- 8 bags per carton.
HD-1kg- 15 strips per carton, 1.5 kg 10 strips per carton.

Application: 8-16 bags depending on commodity type, journey and container size. Please contact us to ensure proper application.

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