Humi Dri Silica gel packets

Humi Dri Silica gel packet keeps the best moisture resistance for some goods such as wood, clothing apparel, footwear, electronics, rattan, backpack, bag, medical equipment, food ...

Humi Dri Silica gel packets

Silica Gels meets various specifications and are used in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food, and Electronic industries. Silica Gel comes in non-indicating and indicating forms. Indicating Silica Gel changes colour when saturated which lets the user know when replacement is needed.

Silical gel can also be packed into the following types of substrates.

Túi hút ẩm dạng giấy Tyvek


Túi hút ẩm giấy HeatlonHeatlon

Túi hút ẩm giấy Tyvek, chống thẩm thấu ngượcPaper

Túi hút ẩm dạng plasticPlastic


Non-Indicating Silica Gel:

Silica Gel is a porous form of silica made from sodium silicate and a mineral acid. The internal structure of Silica Gel is made up of interconnected microscopic pores which attract and hold water by physical adsorption and capillary condensation, allowing it to adsorb up to 35% of its weight of water. These gels are non-corrosive, non-toxic nature and are approved by the US government for use in food and drug packaging. It performs best at room temperature 21 - 32oC and high humidity 60 – 90%. Its size and shape does not change as it adsorbs moisture. 



Blue Indicating Silica Gel:

Blue-Indicting Silica Gel is impregnated with cobalt chloride, a heavy metal salt, which changes from blue to pink as the desiccant becomes saturated. This visually warns users of the need for replacement. This product is suitable for use with Electronic equipment with non-dusting packing. 


orange indicating silicagel

Orange Indicating Silica Gel (Environmental Gel):

This gel is impregnated with a safe, cobalt chloride free organic indicator which displays an orange/yellow colour when active, and changes to green when the desiccant becomes saturated. This type is suitable for using with food or pharmaceutical products.

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