MAP bags (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

GreenMAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is packaging that can control level of gases transmission in and out of the bag for extending shelf life of fresh fruits & vegetables.

MAP bags (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

How does GreenMAP work:

- CO2 levels increase and O2 levels decrease to reach an equilibrium;
- Humidity / Moisture levels, are modified & controlled

GreenMAP help to keep fruit and vegetable fresher and longer:

- Slows the ripening process maintaining firmness
- Retains chlorophyll for fresh green stems
- Reduces moisture loss or dehydration

Experimental results in some kinds of Vegetables using GreenMAP 35 micron
Ocimum basilicum: 10-12oC_15 days
Eryngium foetidum: 10-12oC_12 days
Cucumis sativus: 8-10oC_20 days
Brassica integrifolia: 8oC_15 days
Phaseolus vulgaris: 5-8oC_30 days
Hylocereus undatus/ Hylocereus polyrhizus : 5-7oC_21 days

How to Use GreenMAP bags?

Produce quality Mature produce have to be firm, absence of scars, bruising,
sunburn, surface defects and pathogens. Produce have to be originated from a reliable,
professionally handled farm.

• Produce should be pre-cooled immediately after harvest to remove field heat and before being packed in the GreenMAP bags.
• Produce must be dry before being packed in GreenMAP bags
• Use a separate GreenMAP bags for each type of produce.
• Pack the precise produce weight in each GreenMAP bags based on the enclosed
instruction sheet.
• Place produce gently in the bag to avoid damaging the GreenMAP bags.
• Expel air from the bag after placing the produce inside the bag and close it using the
enclosed ties.
• Store the packed produce refrigerator immediately after packing in GreenMAP bags at the
optimal recommended temperature for each type of produce.
• When removal from cool chain, bag must be open.


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